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How to Maintain a Car That’s Not Driven Often

Cadillac CT5-V | Bozeman, MT

Even if your Cadillac isn’t driving around the scenic streets of Bozeman, it still requires regular service for peak performance. Here are some tips for how to maintain a car that’s not driven often.

Fuel Additives

In most cases, if you plan on storing your vehicle, fill up the gas tank. This will prevent harmful condensation from forming in the fuel tank. Consider supplementing it with a fuel additive like Sta-Bil for storage stints lasting six months and under. For long-term storage, have the fuel tank drained by our experts at Ressler Cadillac.

Oil Change

Temperature fluctuations can cause oil to degrade inside your vehicle. So if you’re planning on having your car sit for a long time, change its oil every six months instead of focusing on mileage. And before you commit your car to storage, bring it in for an oil change to make sure that contaminated oil won’t degrade your car’s components while it’s sitting idle.

Battery Basics

If you plan on driving your car periodically, you won’t have to worry about additional battery maintenance. However, if you plan on keeping your car in long-term storage, consider a trickle charger. A microprocessor-controlled charger can determine what kind of battery your vehicle is using and charge it accordingly.

Cover Up

If you don’t have a garage, a car cover can help protect your vehicle from the elements. This simple accessory can do wonders to shelter your vehicle from sun damage, weather, incidental scratches, and corrosive substances like bird droppings. Just be sure to firmly secure the cover so that wind doesn’t whip it around.

If you’re looking for expert car care advice, turn to the experts at the Ressler Cadillac service center in Bozeman, Montana.


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